Thursday, November 12, 2009

So Happy for Tyler!!!

Tyler got the news of a promotion at work today!! He had been a candidate for a position (his dream job within the company actually) and they interviewed him for it back in September. Well the way the company works is if you get the job the lead over the department will let you know and if you don't get the position you will get a letter from the HR department letter you know you have an exit interview. The exit interview is where they will tell you why you weren't picked for the position.
Last week Tyler saw another guy who worked in his department but on the day shift working the new position. Its a Flight Test position. So, Tyler figured he was going to be getting his letter.
Today, Joey, the lead over Flight Test told Tyler that he was picked for he Flight Test position but for the night shift. Apparently they needed someone on both day and night shift and since the other guy was already on day shift they gave the day shift position to him and since Tyler works the night shift they left him on night shift.
Tyler is so excited. He has put in almost 4 years with this company and he finally got the job he has always wanted. The job he thought he had gotten hired to do. The pay increase isn't too shabby either, about $2 more per hour. Go Tyler!!!!

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