Friday, January 30, 2009

We have been nominated!!!!

So I got a phone call from Tammy this morning. (She is Charlie's HIPPY program teacher). Charlie is in his 3rd and final year with HIPPY and has been lucky enough to be able to have Tammy be his teacher each year.
Anyway, she called to invite Tyler and I to their annual state conference/luncheon because we have been nominated as Family of the Year!! I feel so touched that they think so much of what we have done. I mean even if we don't get the award, I feel so honored that they thought of us. It was a decision made by the entire Faulkner County HIPPY staff.
Tyler is so excited to go to work tonight and put in for the day off. I actually think I saw a tear or two in his eyes.
The luncheon is on Feb 23rd, so I will let everyone know what happens then. I just had to share my excitement.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Zoo Day

Well yesterday was Zoo Day for Charlie's HIPPY group. I kept him out of class so he could attend. I figured this is his last year with HIPPY so I want him to take advantage of all the fun he can get.
We all had a blast.
Charlie with an albino corn snake

I really loved this owl
Charlie with the farret
Ok, so I REALLY LOVED the owl
Tyler got to hold the corn snake

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bring it on!

Well since its a brand new year Tyler & I decided to go into things with a new attitude towards my infertility. New year + new doctor = new opportunity. Thats the way we are looking at it from now till the day I delivery a beautiful child.
After a long discussion the three of us, (Tyler, Dr. Moutos, and myself) decided that an IUI with clomid will be our very best chance of getting another child.
So, next month I will take clomid for 5 days the about 5 days after my last pill I will go in for an ultrasound which should tell us when I will ovulate and then go back on that day to get the IUI done.
The doctor said he only wants to do 4 IUIs, and if none of them work we will have to think about going through IVF. Thank goodness for our insurance.
Tyler was great through all of it, making sure we had all of our questions answered. So, hopefully this will be the needed thing to complete our family.
I will keep everyone posted

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Good-bye 2008 Hello 2009

Well now that 2008 is over and 2009 is well on its way, I can't help but look back at the year.
We all had our struggles, our own little battles, and of course some things that took its toll on the entire family.
But all in all the year shaped up well for all of us.
Charlie has been doing great in Pre-K so far. He has made a ton of new friends, and has learned so much. And while his speech has been his battle, he has been overcoming it like a pro. Every day he comes home and shows such improvement and it makes me so proud to watch him change and grow. It almost makes me sad looking at him and wondering, where did my little baby boy go?
As for Tyler, he has had his battles with work. Working so much overtime and having FAA ground all of the planes, have really made him question whether or not this is the company he should stay with. But he has had a good also. His decision to leave the Air National Guard and go to the Army Guard has proven to be the best thing for us. I have never seen him treated with such respect and felt such a sense of belonging. Its a VERY different world than what we have been used to.
Ok, I guess its my turn. I have spent so much time thinking about that downside of things but I think I can flip them to a positive. While I have had some serious issues with my fertility and have lost 3 babies this year, the upside is that I have a great medical staff on my team who are not giving up on me. Plus Tyler and Charlie have been THE best support system I could ask for. Without them I would never be able to get through all of this. Hopefully with the new year we will have something to show for it all.
Plus I can't forget the remodel. Its coming along great. Two rooms done and more to come. We made great progress with it in the year 2008. We have also decided to turn the garage into a sunroom and build a new garage off of the house. I can't wait for that project to start, more likely next year though.
Despite everything, including Tyler's car accident, we have a new car, all paid for and all ours, Thank you United States Army, the year 2008 wasn't all that bad. We were able to pull ourselves out of anything that was thrown our way, once again proving that Tyler and I have a very strong marriage and friendship.
Plus 2008 was better than 2007 and thats what I consider a good year. I mean chances of getting through a whole year without any struggles isn't very likely, so we look at it as if you can get through the year with it being better than the prior one than it was a great year. And it was for us.
I am looking forward to 2009 and all that it brings.
Happy New Year!