Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Such a busy time

Things are so busy in the Lutz house these days. Given I really don't think they have slowed down any since Tyler left in May. Its been one thing right after another after another.
School is still going well for me. I recently finished my second course and did VERY well on my final. I was working really hard to get it done before my family arrives next week.
Charlie got his first report card last week and got very high marks. He is advanced in 6 out of 7 of his classes. I was so proud to hear how well he has been doing. He seems to really love school.
My mom and stepdad arrive Monday afternoon and will be here through the week. We are having Charlie's party the day after his birthday since the place he wants to go is not opened for very long on his actual birthday. He is so excited!!!
The boys will be going trick-or-treating on Saturday. Charlie asked if they could have some boy time together since Tyler leaves again the week after Thanksgiving. He is excited to be dressing up as BumbleBee from the Transformers this year. I was just happy he picked something OTHER than Spiderman! LOL
Tyler had an interview at the Post this morning for his dream job. Hopefully he can get this position. It would mean more time with Charlie and with Tyler's pending deployment they sure could use all the time together they can get.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Deployment plans are changing

Ok so earlier this year we got word that Tyler was going to be deploying to Kosovo in Sept 2010, it then got moved to April 2010. Since we got word that it was going to be April and not Sept we have been making the most of our family time. We all knew that yes there was a chance it could get pushed back, but we also knew it could get pushed up again. In July we got the word that the Kosovo deployment was pushed back to Dec 2010, but it was subject to change depending on the list. This list would let us know which MOS's they needed and how many and the mission plan. It was a lot to wrap my mind around. I mean Charlie is finally old enough to know that Tyler is home and understand what that means. He knows that this is Tyler's job and he respects that and loves him for it.
Well this weekend was our big ARMS inspection and yesterday we got the word that deployment plans were changing. That those who DO NOT get picked for the Kosovo deployment will be going to Afghanistan instead. WOW. Tyler then got pulled aside and was told that due to his time of service and amount of experience he has that he is a prime candidate for the Afghanistan deployment and that it was possible that he will be taken off of the list for Kosovo so he can be utilized better somewhere else.
You want to talk about a hard pill to swallow, well there it is. I have been preparing for Kosovo for 10 months, a peace mission, a year. Now I have to sit on pins and needles to find out if they will truely send him to Afghanistan for 18 months!
I won't dare tell Charlie of this change until they come down and tell Tyler, DO NOT plan on going to Kosovo because you are going to Afghanistan. Charlie understands to the best of his ability what it would mean for Tyler to go to war. We always talk to him about these things because of the chance that Tyler had to leave with short or no notice. He understands that there will be times where we won't be able to talk to him for days or weeks.
I just remember that at least he is lucky to be in school now because that will help keep his mind busy and help with the time passing a little faster.
Please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers

Saturday, October 10, 2009

40 pounds!!!!

I have lost 40 pounds since the beginning of summer!! I am so proud of myself. I have dropped 3 pant sizes and 2 shirt sizes!
It felt good when I went to the doctor the other day and my nurse said she noticed. Its always nice when someone notices your hard work.
I didn't diet, or do any weight loss programs. I am sure part of it was my diet needed for my TMJ therapy. Which includes, no caffine of any kind, no dairy, no red meat. Between that and eating healthy and staying busy the weight just has been coming off!
I can't believe it!
I just wanted to share my excitement