Saturday, March 21, 2009

Please keep Charlie in your thoughts

I am writing to ask all of my friends to please keep Charlie in your thoughts and prayers come Wednesday.
I took him to see a ear, nose and throat doctor this past Tuesday because he kept getting severe ear infections and just got over one not even 3 weeks ago and got yet another on the 14th.
Well I planned on going in there just to talk to him (Dr. Stroud) about seeing about tubes and whether or not this would be a good option for Charlie.
After being there for 2 hours and tests here is what is going on.
There are different kinds of fluids that can cause ear infections and some of them are more serious than others, as well as the placement of the fluid can make some ear infections more dangerous than others.
Well, Charlie got hit with all of the bad, he has the more serious fluid in the more dangerous areas of his ears. What made it worse was at that point (of the appt) he had been on the antibiotics for 4 days, and the doc said that his ears should have looked a bit better than they did. Plus, his left eardrum is bulging because of the fluid and added pressure, so in turn he is experiencing some hearing loss. That terrifies me. They did a hearing test on him and he did BAD, he couldn't hear some of the sounds/words that were at the standard level of sound (like a normal talking voice).
I wanted to get Charlie in for surgery ASAP, and even better if it could be within this upcoming week since he is out of school for Spring Break.... well they were booked (they operate on Mondays & Fridays), well apparently Dr. Stroud shares my concern about Charlie's hearing and bulging eardrum because he called the hospital and had them set a operating room aside for Wednesday morning. The will first have to drain the fluid from both ears, which hopefully will take down the pressure that the eardrum is having, if not they will have to take care of that, then they will remove his adnoids, and finally place tubes in his ears. Unless they are any problems in either the operating room or in recovery he will get to come home.
I know the surgery is pretty routine, but its everything that is going on with him that I am most concerned about, and hopefully his hearing will be restored back to normal.
So, please keep my precious little boy in your thoughts. He is being far more brave then his mom.
I will post an update on Wednesday.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A whole heap!

Ok, things in the Lutz household have been overwhelming.
The same weekend we found out about Tyler being activated and his upcoming deployment, we found out that his mom took a turn for the worse. Its to the point where the doctors say there is nothing more medically they can do for her and have placed her in a hospice. Tyler is very upset. He is only in his late 20's and maybe lose his only living parent before he hits 30. We haven't said anything to Charlie because she could end up living for weeks, or even years, so we don't want him to have this worry on his shoulders. I am thankful we are only about a 6 hour drive away in case we need to go to be by her side.
My fertility treatments are starting to take its toll on me emotionally. It will be 3 years next month since we have been trying to add to our family and nothing has come of it. I am beginning to question if I just need to accept that we will be a family of 3. I told Tyler that I could never bring myself to do IVF. Due to my medical history, I would have a struggle carrying multiples, and I could never bring myself to do selective reduction if needed.
I ended up taking Charlie to an Ear, Nose, & Throat doctor today for his constant ear infections. He has had 3 in the last 3 months, and something was telling me it was something that seriously needed to be addressed. I was right. Not only does he have an insane amount of fluid in his ears, but its in an adnormal spot, plus his left ear drum is bulging and in turn is experiencing some minor hearing loss. He will be going in for surgery next Wednesday to have his adnoids removed and to have tubes put into his ears. Hopefully my little boy can be a happy, healthy little boy after this is done.
Tyler is getting ready to go to training sometime in May and will be gone for 5 weeks, which isn't bad, definately better than they year he will be gone starting next year.
Other than all of that, things seems to be pretty alright. Very busy as usual.
Plus, tomorrow is our 6 year wedding anniversary!! WOO HOO!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The military dropped a bomb

Well Tyler (DH) is at the post this weekend for drill. Its a monthly routine and not much comes from it. Just some training, paperwork, fixing helicopters, you know the usual.
Not today, today was the day that Tyler felt the need to drop news after news in my lap.First thing he tells me is that his unit has been activated for the next year. Basically that means, they can call him at any hour, of any day and say, you need to be here within the hour you are going to __________. He could be called for any emergency, anywhere and be gone.
The second thing he tells me is that he is being deployed in Sept 2010. Now before anyone says something like, "well thats so long away no worries blah blah blah", please don't. Unless you understand what it is like to know that you DH will be in a hostile war zone, don't give me that load of crap. I know it can change and I know that its 18 months away, but on that same note, it could become less time. And right now I have double to worry about.
Needless to say, it will be hard to watch him talk to Charlie tonight and prepare him of what could be at any given moment.
Please keep Tyler in your thoughts and that no matter when or where he goes that he will be safe.