Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sorry its been so long

Wow, I didn't realize how long it has been since I have posted anything, so I guess I better get to it.
Tyler left last month and has been gone for a little over 4 weeks. He graduates on July 8th, then starts a second course which is 5 days long, so he will be home sometime after July 18th. Charlie and I can't wait. Charlie & I are planning the party of the year. It will be to celebrate Father's Day, his Birthday, graduation and his homecoming all wrapped into one. Its the first time Tyler wasn't home on Father's Day or on his Birthday which is next month. Its been a ton of fun planning the party, getting the decorations, everything. A big blow out!
Charlie has his rough days while Tyler is gone, but over all is handling it very well. He is a trooper, and a wonderful military kid. I couldn't be more proud of him. He has been busy this summer, spending time with his friends, and enjoying having some time away from school. But at the same time he is very excited for school to start. 56 more days till school starts again, I can't believe how fast summer is going.
As for me, I have been crazy busy. Trying to keep up with Charlie, appointments, my everyday stuff, plus doing the things Tyler would handle, I have my hands full. Handling it like a champ, but wow and I will be glad to have a day off when Tyler gets home.
I also have started TMJ therapy and its really been helping with my energy and headaches. For those who don't know what TMJ is, its things such as clicking or locking of the jaw, which is my major problems. Its a long process, but it will be worth it and is a much better choice than having to have surgery on my jaw. OUCH!
Plus, I have been kicking butt in my workouts and I have lost 20 pounds since May 4th! 20 pounds! Given I feel like I could do better but thats only because I haven't had the time to do the workouts as much as I would like.
Anywho, I thought I better put a small something up here to let the world know that I am alive.