Tuesday, September 29, 2009

School School School

Well between Charlie & I things have been interesting in the school department. LOL
I finished my first course today. I had to learn and memorize over 500 combining form words, prefixes, and suffixes... my brain is about to blow lol. But I took my final today and did very well. I can't believe how many medical terms I really have soaked in. Absolutely crazy.

As for Charlie, we had a meeting with the school yesterday about whether or not they will consider continuing his therapy there at the school. So far things are looking promising. They do have some concerns (the ones I have been noticing) and sometime later this week they will be formally evaluating him to see where he stands. Afterwards we will have another meeting and go from there.
Other than that things have been alright. We are all getting ready for my mom to visit in November for Charlie's birthday and then for Tyler to head out in December for more training. He leaves right after Thanksgiving and will be home right before Christmas! Thank goodness for that Christmas miracle.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Today is the Day!

Well almost 2 weeks ago I enrolled back into school. I decided that while yes I love being a SAHM, I wanted to do something else with my time. I wanted to go back to school and yet have it give me a job I could do from home.
While we were at the Welcome Home Ceremony a couple of Saturdays ago there was a job fair going on at the same time. One of the schools there works very closely with military spouses. So I looked into it.
I enrolled with for the Medical Billing & Coding courses. With the school I enrolled with they download my entire course onto a new laptop and send that with me along with books and such that I needed. I was stoked!!! Further more, Military One Source was offering Financial Aide for military spouses up to $6,000!! So, I got my FA approved last Thursday for the entire $6,000! And with my school they knock the price down from $5,600 to $4,500, which will leave me $1,500 left when I need to go and get my certification. I couldn't believe I just jumped in like that.
Well, today my stuff came. A brand new laptop just for me with all of my stuff just waiting for me to get down to it.
Tonight is my orientation, and then I guess I will get to work tomorrow.
It works out so well. I can still be at home for Charlie especially when Tyler is away, and I can continue to further my education. I figure my one degree just isn't enough and to just keep adding to it. LOL
Then once I finally get done with all of this, I will be able to have a good paying job while being in the comfort of my home. Not having to take away from time with Tyler and always being here for Charlie. I love it!!!
Wish me luck!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

I am behind... sorry

Ok, so things got WAY out of hand in July that I can finally catch up on my blogging lol.
For starters, Tyler returned back from OK on July 16th and we had a big blowout bash combining his birthday, his homecoming, his graduation and father's day, it was a complete success.
I then ended up needing emergency surgery on July 30th for some serious pelvic pain I was having. The surgery went well, the recovering... not so much. At 5 days post-op I ended up getting an underlying infection in my belly button area, that sucked.
On Thursday the 6th we got a call about Tyler's mom, she had a heartattack and needed to get up there. So quickly Tyler and I packed our bags, made arrangments for the house and animals and drove the 7 hours to St Joseph, and let me tell you I made it in 6 and thats WITH hitting Kansas City traffic.
She was in a complete vegitative state, it broke Tyler's heart to know that machines were keeping his mother alive and that she was already gone. By Saturday we had to make the incredibly difficult decision to take her off of lifesupport. While Tyler was at the funeral home making arrangements for her cremation, I took Charlie back to tell his grandmother goodbye. By far one of the hardest things I have ever done. The second hardest was after we terminated her lifesupport and watched her slowly pass. Tyler was holding her hand and said, Mom don't worry we will be fine, just go. 3 minutes later they pronounced her dead, and at that moment Tyler crumbled into my arms and spaced out for the next 48 hours. It hurts knowing she is gone. I hurt for my boys. It broke my heart that she never got to see Tyler in his Army uniform or Charlie on his first day of school. I told her I would take care of them, and I will. I just wish she could be here.
At the time we were dealing with Tyler's mom I ended up in the emergency room because I had formed a blood clot in my arm. GREAT just what I needed. Luckily I got it under control quickly enough.
After we finally got back home, Aug 16th, Charlie started school just 3 days later. There was no time to process, or to get ready, just BAM here you go.
Charlie has been in school for a month, and is loving it. He has made so many good friends and let me tell you kindergarten is not what it used to be. He brings home readers every week and has to read it to me. The last one had 31 words, holy cow.
As for me, I decided to go back to school and enrolled this last Saturday and got my FA approved yesterday. Thank you United States Army! I will be starting school next week, I can't wait. All online so I can continue to be a SAHM to Charlie.
Anywho, that is the breakdown. I will try to be better about updating.