Monday, December 8, 2008

Overdue Update!

Ok so its been a LONG time since I have written anything, but things have been SO insane and crazy that I now finally have a moment to breathe and write.
Ok, Tyler has been with the Army for 2 drills now, his most recent was this past weekend. Here is a pic of him in his new ACUs. I know I am bias being his wife and all, but he looks handsome!
Last month Tyler got in a horrible accident. Completely totalled my car. I am just so thankful that he walked out it alive. After seeing the car I know our little angels were watching over him that day. We are still fighting the insurance company, I never knew it could take so long to write a damn check.
Thanksgiving was a blast. I completely enjoyed the day with my boys, no hosting anyone, and I wasn't rushed to get things done either. The weather was great and we spent the day playing and having a great time as a family.
I have been getting things ready for Christmas, my house is decorated, the tree looks great, and soon I get to start the baking. I can't wait. I have been wrapping presents as I get them to save me the trouble of wrapping them all at once. That and Charlie is starting to get to that age where he notices those things, so this way if they are wrapped he has no idea where they are.
Yesterday was the Christmas party for Tylers unit. It was a blast, they had a photographer there to take some really nice pictures, I can't wait for them to come in, they should be here before Christmas. I plan on surprising my mom by sending her one, its of the three of us standing in front of one of the blackhawks. Charlie had a blast, he got to play in the bouncy house, and see santa, plus he got to sit in the pilots seat of the helicopter.
Here are some pictures from our day.

Charlie & Tyler while Charlie is trying to fly.

Me & Charlie next to the blackhawk

My boys getting ready to make a jump for it.
Well, that is a quick short update. I will be writing more later. More to come.