Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Things here have been crazy, and I mean CRAZY.
I have been spending the last two weeks recovering from surgery and man I do NOT wish having your tonsils removed upon anyone! Eating nothing but jello for 5 days got old after day 2! But now I can eat normal food, still some discomfort but overall I am doing well. Besides, getting my tonsils removed was an instant weight loss plan! I lost 15 pounds! Go figure lol.
The boys did a great job of taking care of the house and everything that comes with it while I was taking the time to get better.
But now its time to get back to normal.
Charlie has graduated from Pre-K, his end of the year program was the night before my surgery and it was so cute. All of the kids dressed in beach clothes and sang some cute songs for all of the parents and guests. I will post pics once I get them all off of my camera.
Yesterday, not only being my birthday (26 years young ppl), was Charlie's HIPPY fun day. After 3 years of HIPPY he is done and I think between those three years and Pre-K this year he is 150% prepared for kindergarten this fall. Its hard to believe my baby will be going to kindergarten. His HIPPY teachers got all of the kids who are going to kindergarten this fall a backpack with their name on it and it was full of all of the supplies they will be needing... I thought it was a wonderful gift!
Tyler was supposed to leave for OK today, but like the good old military, it got pushed back and extended. He isn't leaving till Tuesday, which is fine with me, because that gives us a three day weekend together before he goes away for 6+ weeks, which was supposed to be 5+ weeks. Thank you Army! lol
I have some great things planned for Charlie and I while Tyler is gone. I saved some appts for that time, a trip to the zoo, the library has some great things going on this summer that I am sure he will enjoy, plus going to Build-a-Bear to make Tyler's Father's Day present! Thats the one thing I know will cheer Charlie up, he absolutely loves that place.
I am hoping this trip goes smoothly. Typically whenever Tyler goes away for the military something typically goes wrong here at home ***knocks on wood***. Plus, this will be the first time Charlie will really understand that Daddy isn't home and understands the concept of time.
Anyway, just wanted to update a little, I will post pics of Charlie's end of year stuff soon.