Tuesday, September 29, 2009

School School School

Well between Charlie & I things have been interesting in the school department. LOL
I finished my first course today. I had to learn and memorize over 500 combining form words, prefixes, and suffixes... my brain is about to blow lol. But I took my final today and did very well. I can't believe how many medical terms I really have soaked in. Absolutely crazy.

As for Charlie, we had a meeting with the school yesterday about whether or not they will consider continuing his therapy there at the school. So far things are looking promising. They do have some concerns (the ones I have been noticing) and sometime later this week they will be formally evaluating him to see where he stands. Afterwards we will have another meeting and go from there.
Other than that things have been alright. We are all getting ready for my mom to visit in November for Charlie's birthday and then for Tyler to head out in December for more training. He leaves right after Thanksgiving and will be home right before Christmas! Thank goodness for that Christmas miracle.

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