Saturday, December 5, 2009

Lots of excitement and fears

There has just been so much going on that if I wrote a new blog each time my computer would be on overload.
Tyler took his preplacement physical the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and we got the word on Tuesday that he did in fact pass!!! WOO HOO. So Thursday night he put in his 2 week notice to Falcon Jet. I think we really made the right decision. The company was going to lay off 31% of the company yesterday and frankly I am not one to leave things like this to chance. So many people were surprised that Tyler was leaving but at the same time very happy for him.
He will become effective to the post as of Dec 20th, have his orientation on the 21st, and his first work day is the 22nd. I never thought we would go back to being a full-time military family, but here we are.
Tyler flew out yesterday morning to go to LA for his Warrior Leadership Course. He will get back on the 19th and from the sounds of it, it will be a serious hard core course, no breaks. I guess they were greeted by snow in LA, something that was just mind blowing. LOL
Charlie is doing well with school. He has a lot of things to keep him busy while Tyler is gone. The usual homework, and excitement of school. But he also has a special craft day on the 11th. He also will be going on a field trip on the 15th to the nursing home to sing carols to the residents there. Plus the school Christmas Program- "Christmas Around the World" is the night of the 15th. So, between all of that, plus the excitement of Christmas I think the next two weeks will go well for us. ***KEEPING MY FINGERS CROSSED***
Well that was all of the excitement, now for the fear.
Back in March I was diagnosed with Lupus. It took some time for me to process it and in turn even longer for me to tell my family. In the end I certainly did not get the support I was looking for.
I had to get the tests ran again and it showed that I am getting worse. Plus some other tests came up with some serious concerns and I have now been working with a specialist since before Thanksgiving. Both of the conditions are life threatening and the only person outside of my doctors who knows is Tyler. (And then whoever reads this) I haven't even told my best friend. There are reasons I haven't confided in her... 1 she has been very busy lately and 2 part of me feels like I should tell my family or at least my mom before I tell anyone else. But 1 I don't like delivering bad news around the holidays and 2 I truely don't think I will get any form of support. Afterall this is the family that knew I had cancer and said it was no big deal. I don't know what to do. I would love support while going through this hard and difficult situation but I don't think I will get it, so now I just keep it bottled up inside and that is a painful and hurtful thing to deal with.
Anywho... I will write more probably when Tyler gets home

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